New workshop trainings being offered starting:

Spring 2017

1. one workshop offered at 12 noon for six weeks

2. another workshop offered at 5 PM for six weeks.

                                                     Announcement for
​                              Parents’ Resiliency Training Group
                                 (A path to more peace of mind)


PRT (parents’ resiliency training) is an approach that can strengthen and add to parenting skills that are already present. However disrupted and disrupting a child's emotions, speech and behavior may be, PRT can help a parent maintain their own balance in the face of a child's turbulence. This is accomplished through the learning of specific skills  and information supporting the use of those skills that are offered in the group course.  These skills and understanding, with practice, can help an individual maintain and deepen their resilient zone and peace of mind. The skills that a parent learns can be taught to a child/adolescent, often through modeling, but in other ways also.
Using understandable language about the neurobiology of the nervous system, Dr. Ken Talan offers a practical and gentle way to help a parent maintain, deepen, or when distressed return to, a balanced and flexible state. That state is called the "resilient zone," and is one in which an individual is most able to address their life's challenges in his/her most effective and efficient way.

Background:   The material for this training program is based upon Dr. Talan’s experience and work with somatic experiencing therapy, the trauma resiliency model, the social resilience model, and other neuroscience-based understanding of the nervous system. These approaches have been a part of his work with adults, parents , children, and adolescents over the last 8 years of his 35+ years of adult and child psychiatric practice. The training will also draw from his book: "Helping Your Child or Teen Get Back on Track."

The content of the training will involve:
Specific skills that are learned and practiced to help improve self-regulation and have more peace of mind.
A practical and understandable neurobiologically based presentation of why and what contributes to our feeling and being more regulated or dysregulated . When more regulated we experience less worry, anger, and more sense of safety and trust. When dysregulated we experience more fear, anger and more sense of threat or distrust.  Some material will be about the autonomic nervous system: what it is and how it functions in those different states of mind.   Participants will learn how skills influence the autonomic nervous  system in a positive direction. This and other material will help you better understand and respond to your or your child’s confusing and problematic emotions and behaviors.
 There will be an opportunity to ask questions about material that is taught and report on actual experience with practicing the skills between trainings. This practicing and review helps strengthen and deepen the understanding and use of the skills.

Format of the training:
Group meetings lasting 1 1/2 hours (first meeting will be 2 hours) will take place over 6 weeks. The first third of each session will involve a review of the preceding week’s material (for sessions 2-6) with questions being addressed; the second third will involve learning the new skill for that week, and the last third will involve teaching of new material (with handouts) bolstering the skills.
 Practical  aspects of the training:
Time: There will be a group meeting offered on Tuesdays at 5pm and another group meeting offered on Tuesdays at noon. There is a new class forming, please call or email. Online courses at other times are being offered for parents from around the country. Please contact Ken Talan for further information.
Place: 104 Russell St., Hadley,MA., the Wellspring room on the first floor of  the Elmwood building, which is diagonal to Esselon. A live online class is forming also, for those who live outside of the area or can't make the Hadley workshop times. Please contact Ken Talan for further information.
Cost for the 6 session training :  $180  per-person. Couples will get a reduction to $300.  Sorry: no insurance coverage available
Contact:  Dr. Ken Talan, by phone: 413-896-3372 or by
To sign up or for questions. 

Help Your Child or Teen Get Back on Track has won two awards! The first is the Kenneth Johnson Memorial Library "Ken Book Award," in  May 1, 2008, by the Metro New York chapter of NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill);  the second is the IPPY Gold Medal in the psychology category, sponsored by the Independent Book Publishers Association, awarded in Los Angeles, CA on May 30, 2008. 

The book is available from book dealers, on order, and Amazon now.